Glaucio H. Paulino


Polygonal Finite Elements: Application to Structural Topology Optimization, Reliability Based Design and Topology Optimization, Topology Optimization Applied to Design of High-Rise Buildings, Multiresolution Topology Optimization (MTOP), Implicit Function Methods for Topology Optimization, GPU Accelerated Topology Optimization on Unstructured Meshes, PPR: Potential-Based Cohesive Model, Adaptive Mesh Refinement and Coarsening for Dynamic Cohesive Fracture, Extraction of Cohesive Fracture Parameters using Digital Image Correlation Techniques and Inverse Analysis, Unified Library of Nonlinear Solution Schemes, Functionally graded concrete for the civil infrastructure - A multifunctional material system approach, Topological Data Structure (TopS) for Finite Element Mesh Representation, ParTopS & Multi-level TopS: Parallel and Multiple Level Topological Framework