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We are Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech
creative realists who design at the intersection of people, nature and civilization. global citizens and pragmatic leaders improving the earth at our feet. entrepreneurs and strategists defining public policy and the future of sustainability. innovative optimists dedicated to solving problems and improving the human condition. Since 1898, we are Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech.

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No. 1
Number of women enrolled & awarded degrees
No. 2
Number of African Americans enrolled & awarded degrees
No. 3
Undergraduate civil engineering program

No. 4
Graduate civil engineering
No. 5
Graduate environmental
No. 6
Undergraduate environmental engineering program
No. 7
Public university
in the US
Undergraduate job placement rate upon
Freshmen retention rate across Georgia Tech
1 in 10
CEEatGT alumni serve as a company founder, CEO, or president
living CEEatGT alumni in your network


Students: 1,100
Women: 46%
Minority: 23%
International: 12%
Average GPA: 3.38
Students-to-faculty: 15:1
Six-year grad rate: 86%
Average SAT score: 1400
Student organizations: 10
Study abroad fund: $4M
Job growth by 2022: 18%

Be happy   Engineers have the happiest job in the world, according to recent analysis by The Guardian. It’s no wonder – every morning our graduates get to wake up and reshape communities here and abroad. From tech startups to Fortune 500s, medicine to law, NGOs to multinationals, NASA to NATO, CEEatGT alumni are designing our future and making the world a better place.


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  • Start taking graduate courses in your fourth year and earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years.

MS + PhD
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Science & Mechanics
  • Bioengineering
  • Computational Science & Engineering
Study abroad
with the Mundy Global Learning Endowment

$4M CEEatGT travel scholarship
$3K Average funding per student
6 continents, 60+ countries visited
120+ students funded
48% of Georgia Tech undergraduates study abroad

New Global Engineering Leadership Minor
that offers major career benefits

Our new minor equips you to become a global citizen fluent in problem-solving, leadership, ethical decision-making, and the engineering grand challenges. Learn more.

Georgia Tech  Welcome to one Helluva college experience.

No. 1 Annual in-state ROI in the US
No. 1 Corporate Recruiters Ranking for Engineering
No. 1 Largest co-op program in the US
No. 7 Best Public Universities by Salary Potential
$726M 2014 R&D expenditures
60% of invention disclosures list a student
72% of students receive financial aid
220,000 ft² Learning Commons open 24/7/365
15,000 ft² fitness center
400 student organizations
50+ Greek organizations
43 student sports clubs
400-acre campus

Atlanta  Your backyard: The city in a forest.

No. 1 US city for engineers
No. 1 busiest airport in the world
No. 2 US city for entrepreneurial activity
No. 3 US city with Fortune 500 companies
No. 4 America’s best cities for foodies
No. 5 Forbes’ best places for business & careers
No. 9 America’s most cultured cities
No. 14 Healthiest cities in America
No. 19 America’s greenest cities
No. 20 America’s best music cities

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